Mayuni Conservancy

The Kwando River floodplain is dominated by grasslands and swamp vegetation, while much of the woodland on higher ground to the east has been cleared or damaged by frequent fires. The major wildlife species found in this area are lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, steenbok, kudu, duiker, lechwe, reedbuck, crocodile, hippo, bushbuck, interesting bird life, tiger fish, catfish, various tilapia fish species.

The Mayuni Conservancy, in which Mashi Crafts is located, is managed by a Management Committee of nine men and three women and two men as trustees; they have a staff of six Anti-Poaching Officers, a Manager and a Community Resource Monitor. They have formed a joint monitoring unit with Kwandu, Sobbe and Mashi Conservancies and carry out wildlife monitoring undertaking an annual count on foot and use the Event Book monitoring system. Mayuni is part of the Mudumu North Complex collaborative management forum. It is also part of the KAZA trans-frontier parks.

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