Ngoma Craft Centre

Ngoma Craft Centre Voluntary Association promotes the marketing and development of products in communities primarily east of Katima Mulilo. It has over 100 members including potters, carvers and basket makers. Ngoma Craft Centre is located 1km before the border with Botswana on the far eastern side of the Zambezi region on the B8. The Craft Shop and Café make an appealing place to stop to do the last minute souvenir shopping and buy a cool drink, iced tea or coffee before embarking on the rest of the journey. It’s unusual and unexpected displays make it striking and are certain to attract your attention. A series of posters on the people behind the products makes interesting reading and if you have time to book in advance you too can learn how to make a basket, reed mat, a clay pot or join the carvers fashioning something to take home with you.

The newly renovated centre and ablutions are visible from the road and very eye catching. The fresh new look will intrigue you and, we hope, tempt you to stop.
Find us at
Ngoma – 1km west of the border post with Botswana, Zambezi, Namibia

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm
Sunday 8am to 1pm

Mary Sikanda +264(0) 81 415 6815



All the posters featured below are on display at Ngoma Crafts Trading Post and are not for sale.


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