There are a variety of products on sale at Mashi Crafts including carvings, necklaces, bangles, walking sticks, hats, placemats and bags, all made from sustainable harvested natural resources. However their wide assortment of baskets in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials are their greatest attraction.

Basket-making requires a lot of skill and is a time consuming process. It is easy to overlook how much time is spent gathering and harvesting the raw materials, processing, dyeing and drying them before the actual weaving can begin. An average coil basket would take a woman between one and two weeks to make, fitting in a few hours a day in between her other household duties. The complexity of the design and the tightness of the weave determine the length of time it takes to make and its quality.

Basket making is a social activity usually done under a tree with friends. Girls usually learn how to construct a basket from their mothers or grandmothers traditionally making them for functional purposes but today they have become attractive decorative items.

Handmade products disclaimer

All our products are handmade, unique and therefore one of a kind so cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same as these photographs in colour, design or dimensions. These are examples of the ranges of items that we stock. The pictures may not be identical to the products you see on display however you are certain to find something even better when you visit.